Course & School Fees

General Fee Information

All applicable fees are due and payable in full at the time of registration. Registration is NOT complete until all fees are paid. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please discuss your situation with an LEC administrator.

Course (Tuition) Fees – Canadian Citizens / Permanent Residents

  • Non-graduated students (any age) – Free, no tuition costs
  • School Aged Grads – Free, no tuition costs
  • Graduated Adults – Free, no tuition costs (fees apply to elective courses) NEW effective 2017-2018 School year
  • Literacy Foundations Course (English, Writing, Math, Computer Foundations) – Free-

Please contact the LEC office if you need further clarification on course tuition frees.

Course (Tuition) Fees – Non-BC Residents & International Students

Course fees for Non-BC Residents and International Students are $855 per course. Please contact the LEC office if you need further clarification. For more information about how to register, please go to our International Students page.

Other Costs / Fees

Textbooks – Each course has a fully refundable textbook deposit, depending on the value of the required textbooks. Refunds will be given once the textbooks are returned in good condition to the LEC office.

Optional Fees

  • $10 parking fee per school year for students who will be driving and parking at LEC
  • $20 Casio Fx-300 MS Plus calculator, available for students requiring a basic scientific calculator
  • $40 grad fee for graduating students attending ceremony and reception
  • Cost recovery for elective field trips and workshops.

Tuition Refund Policy

A student who withdraws from a structured class (semestered or blended) up to the start of class, receives a full refund.  After the start of class, click here for the detailed refund policy.

A student who withdraws from a directed learning course before becoming active qualifies for a refund minus a $25.00 processing fee.  After becoming active please click here for the detailed refund policy.

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