Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

We offer our courses in a variety of ways to suit your learning style and schedule.
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LEC offers two types of structured classes for many grade 10, 11 and 12 courses:

Blended Type:

  • Students attend one class per week for one semester. The remainder of the course is completed through online assignments or on-site self paced learning.

Semestered Type:

  • Students attend two classes per week for one semester (approximately 4 months).
  • Three sessions in a school year: September to December, January to April and May to June.
    *Note:  The May to June session is approximately 7 weeks long, and is fast paced and condensed. Please see the Spring Session Structured Class Timetable for more information prior to registration.

LEC offers grade 10, 11 and 12 courses through self paced learning. This type of instruction provides flexibility for students who work on shift or for students who are not able to attend fast-paced structured classes.

LEC offers two types of self paced courses: on-site and online.

On-Site Self Paced Learning Courses:
Taking an on-site self paced learning course is a great option for some students, but it’s not for everyone!  If you choose this kind of course…

  • Choose a weekly time-slot
  • Attend each weekly session…you can attend all or a reasonable portion of the session you have chosen
  • Be self-disciplined enough to work on your own at home with weekly help from your teacher on-site at LEC
  • Aim to finish at least 10% of your course every month.

Online Self Paced Learning Courses:
Doing an online course has its benefits and challenges.
If you choose this kind of course…

  • Enjoy the flexibility of an online course…access at anytime and anywhere
  • Be self-disciplined enough to work on your own
  • Online course work is primarily to be completed at home with teacher support at LEC if necessary.
  • Exams are written at LEC
  • Aim to finish at least 10% of your course every month.


  • You can register for self paced courses between late August and April 22nd of each school year.
  • When you register for a self paced course, you must sign up for an orientation. On-site self paced requires only one orientation, no matter how many on-site courses you take. Online self paced requires a separate orientation for each online course.
  • You may sign up for one self paced course at a time. After you have completed 5% of the first course, you may sign up for a second one
  • You may be withdrawn from a self paced course if you do not attend on a regular basis.
  • You have a maximum of three consecutive sessions to finish a self paced course, the session in which you register and the following two sessions. (Exception: You have one session to complete Grad Transitions)

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