The CHOICES program allows school age students (grade 10-12) who need extra support to take any of the class options offered at LEC.  CHOICES students are fully supported by accessing the CHOICES support team, including a counselor, the CHOICES Support Worker, and CHOICES Support Teachers.  CHOICES registration is normally completed by the end of September each year, but new students may be able to enter the program throughout the year, so book an appointment now to find out how CHOICES at LEC can help you succeed both personally and academically.

Graduation Opportunities

Teens can achieve secondary graduation and adults have a fast track graduation option. LEC offers a wide range of BC Ministry-approved grade 10, 11 and 12 courses. Students can complete requirements for a Regular BC Secondary School Graduation (a Regular Dogwood) or a BC Adult Graduation Diploma (an Adult Dogwood)

BC Secondary School Graduation (Regular Dogwood)

At LEC, students can complete the 80-credit high school diploma.
Students can begin their Grad Program at LEC or can continue a program started at another school.

BC Adult Graduation (Adult Dogwood)

Adult students may choose to complete the Regular Dogwood, or they have the option of enrolling in a fast track program which achieves the same thing–a high school graduation diploma! Adult students who choose this option are required to complete a minimum of twenty credits (5 courses). Twelve of these credits (typically 3 courses) must be completed after the student’s 18th birthday.

Langley Online and Self Paced Learning

The Langley Online Self Paced and the On-site Self Paced Program allows students the flexibility of completing teacher-led courses online or through paper-based self paced learning. The Langley Online Self Paced and the On-site Self Paced (Grade 10-12) is supported centrally through the Langley Education Centre and locally at some Langley high schools. The K-9 program is supported at the U-Connect Education Centre.

LEC Program (Grade 10-12 Grad Program)

The LEC Self Paced Program includes a variety of online and paper-based self paced learning courses. Registration for LEC self paced courses occurs year-round (September – April). You have 3 sessions from the time of registration to complete your course (including the session in which you register and the following two session). An added feature of LEC’s Self Paced Program, is the availability of its teachers. In online courses, along with regular online support and contact, teachers are also available at the Langley Education Centre for weekly tutorial sessions. Online students are welcome to come in to get “in-person” help if needed. In on-site self paced courses, the same weekly tutorial help is available. Self paced learning students have an attendance expectation of one tutorial session per week.