Flexible Learning

The Langley Education Centre is focused on providing a student-centred learning journey where you can choose your own schedule, from a variety of flexible course offerings, and learn at your own pace.

Read below for the types of course offerings we have, to help you decide what format works best for your learning and life style.

The different styles of courses offered take place either during a regular semester (session), or self-directed, which can be completed up to a year after registration.

Session Courses:

Sessional based courses accept registration during the fall, winter, and summer. The dates change year-by-year, and coincide with a typical secondary school semester.

Structured Classes: Students have in-class instruction 2 – 4 times per week, based on the specific session schedule. This in-person structured format offers a lecture portion of the class with regular teacher instruction/guidance for the duration of the session. Homework is regularly assigned.

Blended Classes: Blended classes give students more flexibility to complete course materials. They are required to attend on-site classes 1-2 times per week and are then required to complete the majority of their course work on their own at home through lesson packages, assignments, or online. 

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Self-Paced Courses:

Self-paced courses accept registration between late August and mid-April each school year.

On-site Self-Paced (Directed Learning (DL)) courses: The majority of course work is completed at home at the student’s own pace. However, students must attend weekly on-site sessions either attending the entire session or a minimum of one hour each week. Class time is used to complete tests or quizzes, ask questions or get support, or to complete course work. Three consecutive sessions must be attended to complete the on-site course. In addition, students must complete at least 10% of the course material per month in order to stay active in the course.

Online Self-Paced (Directed Learning (DL)) courses: Course work is completed primarily at home, but students must come to the Langley Education Centre to write any tests or quizzes. Testing times are flexible, and are arranged between student and instructor. Students must complete a minimum of 10% of the course per month to remain active in a course.

Directed Learning courses will be viewable here once available.
Registration opens August 14, 2023 through www.lecss.com for the 2023/2024 school year.

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Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions and find the answer you are looking for. If you require further assistance, you can contact us at: lec-reception@sd35.bc.ca.