Literacy Foundations

Literacy Foundations 
English Language Learning

English Literacy Foundations (Level 1-7)
(6 hours per week)

In Foundations levels 1-7, student will work on developing the literacy skills needed to allow for success in regular high school classes. Emphasis will be placed on developing listening and speaking skills, and on the writing process: from sentence to paragraph/essay structure to revising and editing. Students will study a range of literature including non-fiction articles, print and visual media, poetry and literary fiction.

English Literacy Foundations (Writing 8)
(6 hours per week)

In Writing 8, students will further their preparation for high school English classes. Students will develop oral fluency and express themselves clearly in sustained conversations. Students will write multi-paragraph narrative, descriptive and expository essays using the writing process.

English Literacy Foundations in Conversation
(3 hours per week)

Conversation 1 and 2 is offered to students in Literacy Foundations 3-8. This 3 hour per week class helps to build participants’ fluency and confidence with spoken English. Students will take part in a variety of formal and informal guided discussions, dialogues, and listening activities.


  • Completion of an LEC English Assessment is required prior to registration in an English Literacy Foundations course.
  • Registration information for the upcoming session can be found here.
  • ¬†Kindly find alternate care for your children during your English Assessment as childcare is not provided and children are not permitted to attend the assessment appointment.
  • Those in Canada on a Permit or Visitor Visa must bring their documents to the Langley Education Centre office or email to prior to making an appointment. International tuition fees may apply.

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