Thinking About Upgrading Your Math?

1) How long is your grade good for?

– Many programs require you to have completed the course within 5 years.  It may be good to talk to a counselor or book a math consultation and ask about making a schedule that can fit in with the time frame that is required.   Book an LEC Counselling Appointment , Book a Math Consultation

2) Unsure of what to take?

–  We have a career advisor, who can talk to you about your career goals and program options.
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– The counselor and math consultations also are a great source for understanding what course you may need.
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3) Do you need a certain grade?

– Students who need a certain grade often try to take a math level that is too difficult for them.
– Although we are here to teach you and offer extra help, often to reach certain grades the only way is to do it the correct way, which means getting the proper foundational math skills.
– We offer free courses, called Math Bridge and Pre-Math 11 that help you build foundational math skills.  A math consultation teacher can go over the benefits of these courses and help build a proper pathway for you.
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4) Time is a factor

– It is faster for students who are not ready for their grade 11/12 math course to take Pre-Math 11 first.  Students who lack fundamental math skills often find they need to repeat grade 11/12 math courses numerous times and still struggle to obtain the grade needed.
– Those who first complete Pre-Math 11 find their grade 11/12 math course much more manageable and are usually able to obtain the grade needed and are much more confident in their math skills.

4) How can I take Pre-Math 11?

– Directed learning is working through these courses by yourself at your own pace.
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– Structured classes have teacher lectures.  Each level is just 13 classes. New classes start every 2 months.
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**Registration opens August 12 online for classes that begin September 2024.**