Fall Session 2022

Fall Session 2022 (September – December)

Students must be 16 years old as of July 1, 2022 in order to qualify for structured classes, otherwise, please visit our Directed Learning Schedule page.

Registration Period: August 15 – September 13, 2022

Classes run from September 7 – December 14, 2022 Directed Learning courses and Literacy Foundations classes begin the week of September 12, 2022.


Structured Classes (2x per week in class, plus other work)

ClassCodeDayStart TimeEnd TimeRoom
Anatomy & Physiology (Biology) 12ATPH12M/W9:30 AM12:30 PMA179
Anatomy & Physiology (Biology) 12ATPH12M/W6:30 PM9:30 PMA179
Chemistry 11CH11M/W6:30 PM9:30 PMP27
Chemistry 11CH11T/Th9:30 AM12:30 PMA179
Composition 11CMPS11T/Th9:30 AM12:30 PMP28
Composition 11CMPS11T/Th6:30 PM9:30 PMP24
Computer Information Systems 12CINF12M/W6:30 PM9:30 PMLSS A132
English Studies 12ENST12M/W9:30 AM12:30 PMP28
English Studies 12ENST12M/W6:30 PM9:30 PMP28
English Studies 12ENST12T/Th6:30 PM9:30 PMP28
Film & Television 12DFT12M/W4:00 PM7:00 PMTBD
Foods 12FOOD12T/Th6:30 PM12:30 PMA184
Foundations of Math 11FOM11M/W6:30 PM9:30 PMP26
Foundations of Math 11FOM11T/Th9:30 AM12:30 PMP24
Physics 11PH11T/Th6:30 PM9:30 PMP27
Pre-Calculus 11PREC11T/Th9:30 AM12:30 PMP27
Pre-Calculus 12PREC12T/Th6:30 PM9:30 PMP26
Pre-Math 11MAF10M/W6:30 PM9:30 PMLSS A118
Pre-Math 11MAF10T/Th9:30 AM12:30 PMP26


Structured Online Classes – Twice Per Week Online Classes

ClassCodeDayStart TimeEnd TimeRoom
Philosophy 12PHIL12M/W4:00 PM7:00 PMOnline


Blended Classes (1x per week in class, plus other work)

ClassCodeDayStart TimeEnd TimeRoom
E-Commerce (Marketing) 12ECOM12W6:30 PM9:30 PMP25
Visual Arts: Photography 12VAPH12T4:00 PM7:00 PMLSS A132


Literacy Foundation Classes (2x per week, plus other work)

ClassCodeDayStart TimeEnd TimeRoom
Foundations in Conversation (Levels 3-8)ENFH10M/W1:00 PM2:30 PMP21
Foundations in Conversation (Levels 3-8)ENFH10Th9:30 AM12:30 PMP20
Foundations English Level 3/4ENFC10/ENFD10M/W10:30 AM1:30 PMP24
Foundations English Level 4/5ENFD10/ENFE10M/W6:30 PM9:30 PMP20
Foundations English Level 5ENFE10M/W9:30 AM12:30 PMP20
Foundations English Level 6/7ENFF10/ENFG10M/W9:30 AM12:30 PMP21
Foundations English Level 6/7ENFF10/ENFG10M/W6:30 PM9:30 PMP24
Foundations English Level 8ENFL10BM/W6:30 PM9:30 PMLSS A126
Foundations English Level 8ENFL10BT/Th9:30 AM12:30 PMP21


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